Importance of Accelerating the Recharge of Groundwater

Our company and our collaborators are leading a project that uses an inexpensive and realistic water management method.

Using on-farm groundwater recharge using floodwater and other usable surface water, we switch groundwater basins mainly on the east side of the San Joaquin Valley toward an area in Kern county, a sustainable groundwater balance pumping recharge.

Farmers, business associations, water districts, academics, governments, and food and beverage companies have all lent their support to the initiative, which seeks to protect our Golden State’s water resources for the environment and people.

Agriculture, community drinking water, enhanced groundwater quality, and flood control for rural communities benefit from this work.

Long-term groundwater overdrafts and periods of drought throughout the San Joaquin Valley are jeopardizing the availability of drinking water and irrigation water for communities and agriculture.

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