Top 25 Alternative Noninvasive Plants to Grow

There are many beautiful noninvasive alternative plants to use instead of invasive plants. That said, we secured a list of suggested alternatives because they are similar in form, color, and landscape function.

Ground Covers

  • Creeping raspberry
    Rubus pentalobus
  • Sonoma sage
    Salvia sonomensis
  • Yerba Buena
    Clinopodium douglasii
  • Ground morning glory
    Convolvulus mauritanicus
  • Dwarf Coyote bush
    Baccharis pilularis

Grasses and Perennials

  • Deer grass
    Muhlenbergia rigens
  • Autumn Moor grass
    Sesleria autumnalis
  • Oriental fountain grass
    Pennisetum orientale
  • Tropicbelle
    Lomandra hystrix
  • Clumping Bamboo
    Bambusa oldhamii


  • Island bush poppy
    Dendromecon harfordii
  • Forsythia
    Forsythia intermedia
  • Coffee berry
    Frangula californica
  • Griselinia
    Griselinia littoralis
  • Sweet Bay
    Laurus nobilis


  • Red Maple or October Glory
    Acer rubrum
  • Gold Medallion Tree
    Cassia leptophylla
  • Desert willow
    Chilopsis linearis and cultivars
  • Goldenrain Tree
    Koelreuteria paniculate
  • Catalina Ironwood
    Lynothamnus floribundus

Aquatic Plants

  • Cape pondweed
    Aponogeton distachyos
  • Japanese iris
    Iris ensata
  • Laevigata iris
    Iris laevigata and cultivars
  • King of Siam water lily
  • Pickerel Weed
    Pontederia Cordata

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