Top 5 Invasive Plants in California to Avoid

The best way to avoid the further propagation of invasive plants is first to identify them. According to the Council of California Invasive Plants’ rankings, here are the most common invasive plant species in California.

1. Alternanthera Philoxeroides

Beware of alligator weed, found in Alabama back in 1897, is also known as pigweed. This species was brought to North America through ballast water. That said, it prevents native species from flourishing. It may also impact boats, swimmers, and bathers.

2. Eichhornia Crassipes

This plant is widely regarded as one of the world’s worst aquatic plants. While it is native to South America, it has entered California’ It has many fees. Still, it produces beautiful flowers that are widely available in big box and garden stores.

3. Hydrilla Verticillata

An Asian species wasp found its way to California in the 50s. It spread into nearby water sources. Shasta is covered in dust. it is a normal thing for hyacinth to form and causes the damage of millions of dollars

4. Limnobium Laevigatum

A lot of aquatic invasive plants are commonly distributed in California because of the aquarium trade, as well. Like other aquatic plants, it causes issues for both native fish and humans. Also, because it floats and proliferates, it spreads rapidly as well.

5. Myriophyllum Aquaticum

It’s another type of aquatic plant, but it’s pretty different from the other ones we’ve mentioned so far. It grows in whorls. They are under and above the water, causing the plants to form tangled mats. Since almost all of Parfaitétera’s plants are female, it’s not hermaphroditic. Primarily by self-pollination occurs.

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