Clean Energy Companies Call Out Concerns to Biden Administration

Over the last few weeks, we had conversations with three prominent clean energy entrepreneurs: San Francisco-based solar provider Tom Werner, and former Obama administration member of Sunrun Lynn Jurich, and Heather Zichal, clean power president.

We questioned them about the reaction in Texas and what they are trying to do in California.

1. Heather Zichal

Resolvability is essential to renewable energy firms. New solar and wind credits are being proposed to make them easier to access for companies that want to build power lines and batteries.

They are asking for an end to tariffs imposed by Trump to be halted. Companies also request that regulation of new power lines be made more accessible as well with less abundant solar and wind power.

2. Tom Werner

Longtime a growth engine for solar power, the CEO wants to see it extended for five years. This credit is scheduled to end in December of 2023 for rooftop systems.

Congressional action is required. Werner’s other plans included allowing utility-scale solar and battery owners to create virtual power plants. These will alleviate the grid’s strain and maintain grid stability during extreme weather.

3. Lynn Jurich

Biden also hopes for electrically heated homes that don’t use gas cooking or heating as well. The industry opposes All-electric requirements, but they say they help lower emissions.

She also mentioned solar installation software that makes things simpler for local governments to propose new rooftop installations. The NREL has already developed the software. The U.S. government could help make NREL’s Solar app the gold standard.

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