Volvo Aims to Go Full Electric by 2030

The Swedish car manufacturer will no longer make hybrid cars. Volvo CTO, Henrik Green, believes that there is no long-term future for gas/diesel cars. They recently announced that they would begin making electric vehicles by 2035.

While claiming that all-electric vehicles will be sold exclusively online, the Swedish automaker noted that the dealer experiences and other essential functions like selling, delivering, and servicing will remain vital to customers.

Tomorrow, they’ll present their second all-electric vehicle, the XC40 Recharge 2.0. In 2025, Volvo aims to have half of the global sales be hybrids.

Electronic vehicles are increasing across the globe as charging technology improves, with additional regulations imposed.

Electric vehicles accounted for under 2% of new vehicle sales last year. More Americans keep spending on gas-powered trucks and SUVs. 2. 2.5 million vehicles were sold in total.

The market is expected to expand by 70% by 2021

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