Pool Cover Technology- The Most Recent Innovations

Pool managers devote their time to ensuring the pool is clean, the chemicals are balanced, and there are no algae. However, every pool needs attention, even when it is not in use. So, how do you take care of a pool off-season? By using a solar pool cover.

Thanks to technology, different pool cover designs, and customization options are available. Advances in pool technology have made it possible to combine function and form to offer pools an aesthetic pool. These advances are linked to the expected rise in pool cover market trends. Before diving into the latest technology, let us understand why you need a pool cover.

Why You Need a Pool Cover

Here are convincing reasons to get your pool or outdoor spa a cover:

In summary:

  • It slows down evaporation
  • Minimizes use of chemicals
  • Keeps out debris
  • Easy to install and use
  • Saves money by reducing heating bills by 50% to 70%
  • Reduces the need for regular maintenance practices
  • Conserves water
  • Enables the pool to retain heat
  • Promotes safety around the pool
  • Lower energy bills

Latest Pool Cover Technology

Here is the latest on pool cover technology:

Automatic pool cover

If you want to renovate your pool, try the automatic pool cover technology. The mechanics of the automated cover are carefully and safely hidden. As a result, it offers optimal functionality while maintaining the pool’s visual appeal.

An automatic pool cover works similarly to a car sunroof. You push a button for the cover to appear or disappear. Its design is flawless, and there is no visible mechanics. The automatic pool cover helps ensure children and pets remain safe.

Also, it helps save money that would have otherwise been spent on alternative energy-consuming alternatives. This cover also helps keep debris and dirt from the pool, a major pool maintenance routine. Also, it reduces pool water loss by reducing evaporation.

Submarine pool cover

Can we all agree that pool technology has never been better than the submarine pool cover? The submarine pool cover is an invention founded based on using interlocking inflatable tiles. The tiles fit together to save on energy and enhance safety.

Submarine pool covers use gravity and buoyancy, unlike most that rely on hydraulics and electric motors. Once the pool is open, the cover moves to the pool floor. After using the pool, to cover the pool, the tiles are filled with enough air to become buoyant. The cover floats up (similar to a submarine) and appears on the pool surface.

When looking to open the pool, the air trapped for buoyancy is released, and the cover sinks to the bottom. It is an ideal cover for all pools, irrespective of their sizes. The pool cover is affordable and effortless to install, even on already functioning pool structures.

While the commonly used cover was the automatic pool cover, installing it is expensive, the submarine is a more suitable option.

Bubble solar pool covers

Most pool owners have been using bubble solar pool covers from the onset of spring until the end of autumn. A bubble cover offers numerous advantages to your pool. Other than limiting evaporation, it ensures the water heats and helps maintain the water temperature. Also, it reduces water consumption while being economical and ecological.

Bubble covers come in different colors, each with unique uses. Classic blue covers aim to prevent the water from losing its temperature. Instead, it maintains the water temperature because of its low nocturnal temperature.

The black or blue cover limits photosynthesis. Thus, it reduces the chances of any algae forming. Reducing the chances of algae makes water treatment more effective and economical. Silver covers aim to increase the pool’s thermal efficiency by reducing evaporation.

A blue transparent cover option aims to boost the water’s solar heating capacity. It allows the sun rays to penetrate through, limiting the need for a pool water heating system.

Take Away

While you may have a routine practice that ensures your pool remains clean, some aspects that regular practices cannot help. A pool cover reduces your energy bills, enhances safety, and prevents algae growth. In addition, there are continuous advancements in pool cover technology. We have highlighted the top three advances and dived deep to help you understand how they work. Any of the above covers are an excellent choice for your pools.

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