Alliance Advisory Committees

The California Sustainability Alliance has assembled several panels of experts to assist us in conducting pilot programs. Each pilot program targets a specific market sector, with the objective of precipitating widespread voluntary adoption of sustainability within that sector.

Our process starts with an evaluation of the primary sustainability drivers and barriers to adoption in each targeted market. We then identify the key stakeholders needed to overcome those barriers.

Industry experts are invited to represent their respective market sectors and stakeholder groups. These experts are then organized into Pilot Advisory Committees (PACs). The first task for each PAC is to help develop the scope of the pilot scope. Thereafter, the PACs meet quarterly to review progress, discuss challenges and to provide on-going advice and support.

In addition to our Steering Committee, the distinguished advisors on our Green Buildings Committee, Sustainable Communities Committee, and Water Energy Committee generously share their knowledge and time to ensure that the future of California is sustainable.

Review our Advisor Spotlights to learn more about our Advisors and their commitment to sustainability.

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