Bon Voyage: The Last Hurrah

Audrey Kane

“When any real progress is made, we unlearn and learn anew what we thought we knew before.” – Henry David Thoreau

As the quarter is winding down, we are in the final stretch to the end. Students are putting the finishing touches on their designs. In these last strides, the goal is to move from conceptual ideas to concrete pragmatism. We are making alterations to the formal spatial relationships found in the figure-ground exercise, to livable, moveable spaces. 

At this moment in time, we are scrutinizing the palpability of the spaces created; such as the functional qualities of a space and its correlation to the program of the Orange County Marine Mammal Care Center. In the learning process, we are to articulate how the program is transformed by the site, and vice versa. The current design criteria is to employ an access to the site and how one, or animal, might traverse their way about it.  

Guest Author: Audrey Kane grew up in rural Central California. She is a fan of good coffee and traveling.