Whole-building Strategic Plan

This approach is designed to maximize results with the minimal resources available to small to mid-size commercial office building owners and their management teams. Planning and structure will increase chances for success, and this toolkit outlines a whole-building strategic approach to implementing sustainability within a single building. Users looking for specific, immediate, low or no-cost efforts should download the Measure Finder Tool below.

The whole-building approach can produce a 30–40% energy reduction and includes three steps:

  1. Reducing the whole building load – including tenant energy use
  2. Using more energy-efficient technologies
  3. Providing controls for lighting or equipment

Successful whole-building approaches bundle the implementation of low-cost measures with the more expensive measures to ensure the building continually meets financial expectations. Building teams should find balance between maximizing total savings and meeting expectations for results. This toolkit can be sized as appropriate for the business – whether the building is part of a portfolio of one or one hundred.

There are five steps that should be taken at the building level to implement a sustainability program.

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Approach to developing an individual building improvement plan