Navigant Consulting, Inc. is a leading international management consulting firm providing strategic, management, financial, dispute, regulatory, policy, and economic advisory services to regulated industries, government agencies and legal counsel.

Navigant Consulting has played a key role in developing and implementing energy efficiency, demand response and distributed generation policy and programs for over 20 years. Navigant Consulting’s understanding of markets and business models uncovers opportunities and strategies for more effectively developing energy efficiency, distributed generation, and sustainability in both the public and private sectors.

Today, Navigant Consulting is assisting a wide variety of public and private clients throughout the U.S. in developing and implementing programs and strategies to attain sustainability goals. Navigant Consulting works extensively with Federal and State governmental agencies, private businesses and utilities to develop and implement programs and strategies that improve energy efficiency, accelerate the development of renewable resources, develop and commercialize emerging energy technologies, improve asset utilization, and reduce the environmental footprint of the energy, buildings, and transportation sectors.

Navigant Consulting is the Program Manager for the California Sustainability Alliance working with program partners, stakeholder groups, policymakers, governmental agencies and market leaders to facilitate the acceleration of energy efficiency by combining it with complementary sustainability measures.

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