Green Leases Toolkit

Welcome to the Green Leases Toolkit 2.0

The California Sustainability Alliance assembled an expert group of professionals with substantial experience in commercial real estate to develop and test strategies to overcome the significant barriers to greening the 90% of California’s commercial office space that is leased.  This effort focused on “green leasing”, i.e., integrating sustainability practices into the entire commercial leasing process.  This includes service provider selection; marketing of buildings, development of green specifications; request for proposal (RFP) and letter of intent (LOI) drafting; site selection and due diligence; and the negotiation and drafting of realistic and enforceable lease language.

Green Leasing Flowchart

The templates offered in the Green Leasing Toolkit 2.0 are established processes within the leasing industry, hence most of these tools should be relatively easy to implement.  These tools can be used by both landlords and tenants who manage or occupy large portfolios of facilities as well as small business owners and landlords who hope to green an individual building.

To learn more about each tool, click on the name of the tool on the left side navigation.

The Toolkit supports tenants and landlords in the following ways:

  • Educating their organizations
  • Developing their own green leasing policies and requirements
  • Communicating policies and requirements to the market
  • Measuring and comparing the green attributes of different buildings
  • Developing specific lease language

The Alliance also conducted a study examining the current state of green commercial buildings in California and challenges and opportunities for the accelerated adoption of green leasing in California’s existing office space.

Learn more about the Green Leasing Report.