Green Criteria

Establishing Realistic and Achievable Goals

Once green leasing potential is analyzed over the various lease types, specific green criteria are established for various segments of the portfolio. Green leasing criteria can specify a green lease certification (such as LEED® or ENERGY STAR) or building programs and technologies around energy, water, recycling, building monitoring, and alternative transportation. The green leasing criteria is a function of the organization's overall sustainability goals and targets. An illustrative example is if an organization had a company-wide goal to reduce their energy and water use by 15% , the green leasing criteria around energy and water efficiency should established so those goals can be met.

When distinct criteria have been established, real estate managers and service providers have clear objectives in regards to new , renewing and existing leases and a one size fits all standard is avoided. Ultimately incremental progress can be made across the portfolio. Green criteria typically are expressed in specification sheets or “check lists”.

Examples of specific green lease criteria established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the City of Portland, Oregon can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Green Criteria
Establishing green leasing goals