The Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Sustainable City Plan (SCP) was founded on eight Guiding Principles that provide a roadmap for effective decision-making on issues of sustainability. . In 2003, the Guiding Principles were replaced by eight Goal Areas with measureable targets. The eight Goal Areas include:

  • Resource Conservation,
  • Environmental and Public Health,
  • Transportation,
  • Economic Development,
  • Open Space and Land Use,
  • Housing,
  • Community Education and Civic Participation, and
  • Human Dignity.

Santa Monica issues a bi-annual Sustainable City Report Card to provide the community with a snapshot summary of how the city is performing, and maintains the Sustainable City Progress Report Website, which offers an in-depth analyses and data on any of some 100 goal area indicators.

Numerous policies have been established under the SCP's Guiding Principles and Goal Areas including:

  • Internal City Sustainable Procurement Policies
  • Clean Beaches and Ocean Parcel Tax
  • Green Power


  • Green Building Codes
  • Water Efficiency
  • Container Ban
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