Eight Elements of Green Procurement

To help local governments improve their sustainability and reduce their environmental impacts, the California Sustainability Alliance has developed a guidebook for local governments thinking of adopting an environmentally-friendly procurement and purchasing plan. By weighing not only the purchase price of a product but also its full lifetime cost, green procurement policies can help local governments save money, create local green jobs and improve their environmental sustainability.

The Local Government Green Procurement Guide lays out eight steps for greening an organization’s procurement policy:

  1. Form a green purchasing team
  2. Conduct a baseline inventory
  3. Establish environmental criteria
  4. Develop green bid specifications
  5. Take advantage of partnership opportunities
  6. Establish a green procurement policy
  7. Educate staff and residents
  8. Regularly review policies for updating

To achieve these eight steps, the Green Procurement Guide provides local government staff and decision makers with a variety of tools and resources that can help them to make the case for and implement green purchasing programs. These tools include:

  • Draft language for creating new or modifying existing procurement pol