Los Angeles County, California

Los Angeles County adopted a Green Purchasing Policy in January 2007 that promotes the procurement of a wide range of environmentally friendly products including recycled content and remanufactured products, energy and water conserving equipment, low-impact landscaping, and bio-based products. The policy also sets guidelines for conservation and for efficient use of products. The Purchasing Division is responsible for this program, in coordination with the county’s Environment and Energy Team. These responsibilities include:

  • Working with other governmental purchasing groups and agencies, such as U.S. Communities, NACO, and CSAC to determine appropriate standards for green purchasing.
  • Evaluating green products o Providing guidance and assistance to county departments.
  • Developing and implementing a 5-year plan to phase in various categories of purchased goods under the green program umbrella. Relatively easy to implement items, such as paper and cleaning supplies, will be implemented first.
  • Partnering with Green Seal to incorporate green criteria into product bid specifications.
  • Evaluating alternatives where the cost differential is great and/or the environmentally preferable products are not considered good substitutes.
  • Assessing and making recommendations on price preferences.
  • Maintaining data and issuing reports documenting the county’s progress.
  • Establishing central purchasing agreements for a catalogue of standard environmentally friendly and energy efficient products.
  • Modifying existing agreement databases for the easy identification of green products.

Los Angeles County has been recognized by CalRecycle for its comprehensive recycling and procurement policies including for its recycled paper and re-refined oil programs.