Create Your Green Team

Step 1

The next step is to create your organization’s Green Team and provide them the guidance they will need to be successful moving forward. In this step, you’ll communicate the leadership guidance and charter vision outline expectations of the Green Team, and kick off the work.

With leadership support, your Green Team will be the driving force behind your sustainability program. They will be responsible for developing and implementing the plan, and reporting back to leadership and staff regarding progress. This step requires a blend of leadership and staff to be successful. Leadership will provide guidance via the vision charter and expertise requirements established earlier in the process. Staff will be selected to participate on the Green Team, and will likely be asked to recommend potential members.

Creating your Green Team: Task by Task

  • Outline the appropriate structure for your Green Team.
  • Identify specific Green Team members.
  • Obtain commitment from potential members.
  • Assemble the Green Team for a kick-off meeting.

Tools and Considerations

  • Refer to the charter.
  • Refer to your skills/expertise checklist.