Local Government Retrocommissioning Toolkit

The California Sustainability Alliance’s Local Government Retrocommissioning (RCx) Toolkit was created to help local government staff develop and implement a municipal facility retrocommissioning program.   The RCx Toolkit is designed to be flexible enough to be a complementary resource for an energy manager in a large local government or to be the sole RCx Program management tool for facility and public works staff in smaller jurisdictions.  The RCx Toolkit complements existing portfolio management tools and utility management systems, helping the user take the “next step” once a decision has been made to incorporate retrocommissioning into municipal facility standard operating procedures. 

Included in this Toolkit is a description of the RCx Program development process, as well as necessary tools and resources to implement the program such as documenting and tracking results, references to common RCx resources and procedures, model RFP language, and finally, the RCx Dashboard, a spreadsheet tool that allows the user to enter basic building information to identify potential RCx candidates and track RCx program accomplishments.

Depending on your specific situation, you may use the RCx Dashboard to prioritize buildings and identify RCx candidates.  Alternatively, you may use data or analyses from other tools such as Portfolio Manager, or a Utility Management System to prioritize the buildings, in which case, you may still use the Toolkit as a resource library and tracking tool. 

Use the links below to download the Tookit and its resource documents.

LG RCx Toolkit
Sample Retrocommissioning Resolution
LG RCx Dashboard
Building Data Collection Worksheet
Sample Action Plan
Team Roles and Responsibilities
Sample Building Inventory
Model Specifications and RFP Language