7 Ways to Live Sustainably by Conserving Water

Water is a precious and defining resource that allows our planet to thrive. It makes the earth unique and habitable, and we must conserve it to promote sustainability. However, water only seems endlessly abundant, but it is not an infinite resource. Here are seven ways to save water for sustainable living.

1. Use Water Filters

Although it might not seem like it, whole house water filters like Springwell and Culligan are significant in water conservation at home. Not only do they play an important role in providing you with safe, clean water, but they also help you to save as much water as you can. When you choose water filters over bottled water, they recycle the filtered water. Water filtration systems store filtered water for future use, thus ensuring that none of it goes to waste.

2. Turn Off Your Faucet When Not in Use

While shaving or brushing our teeth, we often keep the water running for easy access. There’s no need to have the faucet open, and it significantly contributes to wasting gallons of water every day. You can avoid this by turning off your faucet when it’s not in use. Turning off the tap for only a few minutes can save a lot of water and save you a lot of money too.

3. Use Water Softeners and Energy-Efficient Water-saving Devices

Using hard water can cause you to waste a lot of water. Hard water makes it hard for soap to lather, meaning that you spend more extended periods bathing and washing utensils or laundry. Invest in a water softener if you have hard water running in your home to conserve water.

Other energy-efficient water-saving devices include low-flow showerheads, which have less pressure and water flow, ultra-low flush toilets, and faucet aerators.

4. Take Shorter Showers

Sometimes, a nice long shower is something everyone needs at one point or the other. That’s okay! But what if you could contribute to saving a little more water by cutting those extra minutes in the shower? If you want to take a bath, consider filling your bathtub halfway. Filling up halfway helps save water, and it also enables you to reduce money from heater bills.

5. Soak Dishes First

Many people scrape dirty dishes under a running tap. You can reduce the amount of water used while washing dishes by first soaking them in warm water. It is more effective in scraping off the food and helps you save water and effort.

6. Water Your Plants Smarter

It’s common to have water go everywhere while watering your lawn – sidewalk, driveway, and even walls. Ensure that you properly focus your sprinkler system and aren’t watering anywhere else. Similarly, you can use drip irrigation systems to water your plants to avoid over-watering them.

7. Do Laundry Sustainably

Avoid doing laundry when you only have a few clothes to conserve water. Your washing machine can use up to 15 gallons for each cycle, and some older models can use even more. You will save money and water by doing laundry only when it’s more.

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