Cal Poly Pomona architecture students preparing for next week's Blueprint for Functional Sustainability competition

Danielle Vitoff

Eight studios of Cal Poly Pomona first-year graduate and second-year undergraduate architecture students are busy preparing for next week's Blueprint for Functional Sustainability competition, sponsored by the California Sustainability Alliance. In the middle of next week, two students from each studio will be chosen as finalists, moving on to present their projects in front of a panel of distinguished jurors at the Frontier Project in Rancho Cucamonga. Their projects' objective? To design tedWEST - the western regional headquarters for TED Conferences, LLC.

The proposed site of the tedWEST project is adjacent to the Ivy Metro Station, in Culver City, CA. The project endeavors to inspire action, foster dialogue, and set an example of problem-solving and social responsibility worthy of the TED mission statement - "ideas worth spreading".

Beginning the 2017 spring quarter, the graduate studio focused on careful consideration of site- and program-specific sustainability matters. To better prepare for a successful competition, the classes took the time to perform detailed case studies of several exemplary sustainable designs (many of which have been featured as AIA Environment Top Ten projects). In the middle the quarter, preliminary and midterm models had been developed, undergoing several evolutionary changes aiming to address all of the site- and program-specific needs, while also accounting for and anticipating matters of sustainable design. Moving forward into the final third of the quarter, students are continuing their evaluations of environmental factors, especially as related to solar path, shading devices, passive solar building design, and wind path integration.

Finalists from each studio will be chosen on Wednesday, May 31st, with final presentations occuring on Friday, June 2nd in Rancho Cucamonga. More to come!